Documents relating to the Continuing Competency Program:



One of the primary responsibilities of the Saskatchewan Dental Hygienists’ Association (SDHA) is to ensure the ongoing competence of individual members and to improve the performance of the profession  overall.  To this end, the goal of this Continuing Competency Program (CCP) is to advance the collective knowledge and quality of care offered by all dental hygienists in Saskatchewan, thus assuring protection of the public’s interest.

Lifelong learning and reflection of educational needs is the fundamental responsibility of a professional.  As preventive oral health care professionals, it is critical for dental hygienists to remain current and informed of changes in oral health care delivery methods, clinical procedures and technological advances in the attainment and maintenance of oral health.

It is the member’s responsibility to determine his or her specific continuing competency needs and to pursue activities that meet these identified needs; self-directed assessment.  Examples of self-directed assessment may be:

  • Reflecting on practice problems or challenges
  • Reviewing the CDHA National Competencies and Code of Ethics
  • Researching answers to questions that have been asked of you
  • External feedback
  • Evidence based practice


Members have the basic professional responsibility to read professional oral health journals and newsletters and to keep their practice current.  Under the SDHA CCP, credit may be granted for continuing competence learning activities beyond this basic responsibility.

It is understood that all learning activities shall have significant intellectual or practical content related to the practice of dental hygiene, oral health, or the professional responsibility and ethical obligations of a member.

How to Enter CE on Member Portal:

1. Log onto Member Portal
2. Click My Learning
3. Click > current reporting year
4. Scroll to bottom, click ADD
5. Please note if you have more than one submission ADD them all before clicking submit. Once you submit the ADD button will disappear until the SDHA has reviewed your submission. You can make more than one submission at a time but click ADD for as many submissions as you have before submitting!!
6. Fill in appropriate fields. Refer to CCP Guidelines if uncertain of category CCP Guidelines
7. Upload supporting document. Refer to guideline on what is appropriate.
8. SUMBIT- or SAVE. Submit sends to SDHA to review. Save allows you to go back and make changes/additions before submitting.

Posted by admin On June - 12 - 2017