Upcoming Professional Development

Posted by admin On February - 13 - 2013

Are you planning on attending some Professional Development activities over the next couple of months?  Check out the following opportunities and save these dates:

  1. Saskatoon Study Club:  Feb. 20th, 2013, 7:00 p.m. College of Dentistry – Rm. 334/335

    The facilitator will be Dr. Otero. The presentation will consist of 2 or 3 online presentations done by periodontists who spoke at the American Academy of Periodontics Conference in Los Angelas this past summer. Topics we are looking at are: Periodontal Plastic Surgery, Periodontal Regeneration, Interdisciplinary Therapy- enhancing esthetic and functional restorative outcomes. After each online session, approx. 20 minutes long, we will have a Q and A.

  2. Regina Study Club: February 27, 2013.  Please email angelcarlson-fedyk@hotmail.com for further information.

  3. Swift Curent Study Club:  March 11, 2013.  Please email jjkat@sasktel.net for more information.

  4. Civility in the Workplace - Lew Bayer, March 2, 2013, 9am to 3:30 pm, Queensbury Convention Centre – Regina

    Whether it’s email rudeness, unprofessional dress, poor service attitude or ineffective communication skills, incivility at work directly impacts our self-esteem, our relationships, our health and our productivity. Contact the SDAA for registration (306-252-2769)

  5. North Battleford Continuing Education Day, March 23, 2013, 9am to 3pm, Dekker Centre, North Battleford

    Featured speakers are:

    - Joan McCusker speaking on “Attitudes for Leadership Excellence”

    - Rocky Riego from DentalEZ speaking on the “IDentafi” Oral Cancer screening system

    - Warren Bobinski, speaking on “Time factors in the Dental Office”

    For information/registration, contact: North Battleford Dental Society, c/o Dr. Stacie Churchill, 1711-91st St. North Battleford, Sk. S9A 0A6, 445-4116 (Phone) 445-5997(Fax)    e-mail: tdament@sasktel.net

  6. Oral Cancer – An Emerging Pandemic AND Communicating with Impact - Jo-Anne Jones, April 6, 2013,  9am to 3:30 pm, Western Development Museum, Saskatoon

    There has never been a greater sense of urgency to adhere to close examination of the oral cavity for early discovery of mucosal abnormalities. The historic etiologic patterns related to exposure to alcohol and tobacco are being challenged by a more recently identified etiology being viral in nature and sexually transmitted. Both the medical and dental communities have been alerted to this emerging pandemic.

    AND Do not ever underestimate the power of a great team and their ability to drive a business to the top. Positive communication and sup-port for one another through day to day challenges and opportunities of working in today’s dental practice is key. Through the effective handling of the most common challenges such as last minute cancellations and insurance driven thinking, learn how to re-energize your practice and enjoy your chosen profession.  Contact the SDAA for registration (306-252-2769)



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