Your feedback is being requested on the following survey

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University of Saskatchewan Survey on the Prevalence of Early childhood caries (ECC) in children of oral health professionals of Saskatchewan

Dear Oral Health Professionals and educators of Saskatchewan!

If you are a parent of a child/children one to six years of age we are inviting you to participate in this academic online survey.

Participation in this survey is voluntary and you can stop the survey at any time. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and none of the answers that you provide will be attributed to you personally.

There are five professional Associations that are going to participate in this survey!

Questions to be addressed are:

-          Is oral health knowledge a major factor in ECC prevention?

-          Can knowledge itself prevent/reduce the development of caries in children?

-          What other non-physiological factors play a role in ECC development?


This project was reviewed and approved on ethical grounds by the U of S Behavioural Research Ethics Board. Any questions regarding your rights as a participant may be addressed to the Research Ethics Office toll free at 1-888-966-29751-888-966-2975 or . Any questions about this survey can be e-mailed to Tatiana Novoselova,

Thank you!

Please click on the link below to begin the survey!


Early Bird Deadline for SOHP Conference – August 11th

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The early bird deadline for the Saskatchewan Oral Health Professions Conference is fast approaching: August 11, 2014.  You can register at:

If you are booking a hotel, do so as soon as possible!

SDHA Summer Update

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Summer is here and with that brings many exciting things for you and the SDHA alike.

We will not be sending out a mail-out package this July as in past years. All of the information can be found here on the SDHA website.  Please review your CC Transcript to ensure all CC Credits are accurate and also view upcoming Professional Development sessions being offered.

Save the Date for Upcoming Professional Development:

  1. Saskatchewan Oral Health Professions Annual Conference held in conjunction with the Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry (CAPHD)

       2.  SDHA and SDAA Present Jo-Anne Jones

    • Topics will be:
      • Communicating with Impact:  The Silent Power of a Great Team
      • Oral Cancer – An Emerging Pandemic?
    • November 8, 2014
    • Queensbury Convention Centre – Evraz Place, Regina
    • Course brochure
    • Register by submitting completed form and fee to the SDAA (see Course Brochure)

3.  Creating a Tobacco-Free Future for the People of Saskatchewan

    • January 17, 2015
    • Saskatoon Inn, Saskatoon
    • Interdisciplinary professional development event
    • More information and online registration will be available in the fall

4.  SDHA 45th Anniversary and 2-Day Dental Hygiene Conference

    • April 17 & 18, 2015
    • Travelodge, Saskatoon
    • More information and online registration will be available in the fall


Dental Hygiene Identity Statement

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DH Identity Statement

Is dental hygiene a profession? Who decides whether it is or is not? What does professional status (or lack thereof) mean for dental hygienists today and in the future? What can individual dental hygienists, associations and regulatory colleges do to foster greater professionalism? Find answers to these questions by reviewing the presentation “Are We a Profession? The Professional Status of Dental Hygiene and Its Impact on Your Career”, given by Bernard Gauthier, PhD from the 2013 Educators’ Workshop.

May Update

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On behalf of the SDHA council and staff, I would like to express our sincere appreciation to those that attended the AGM and Professional Development on Saturday, May 3rd in Regina.  It was well attended and we received great feedback.

Just a quick update on a few items of interest:

  1. e-CPS Course
  2. Making a Difference Contest
    • We had an overwhelming response to the contest this year. About 150 emails were received by clients commending their dental hygienist for making such a difference in their lives.  It was wonderful to see the positive and inspiring stories, and it makes me really proud to be part of this profession. The winner of the contest was Gerrard Weinberger.  He and his client received recognition at the AGM where they were presented each an iPad mini.  Due to the amount and quality of emails we received, we also chose 4 honorable mentions, and those dental hygienists are: Lisa Ogle, Nancy Newby, Darlene Lonseth and Kristin Clark.  Congratulations to all dental hygienists for truly making a difference in the lives or your clients and your community!!
  3. Community Oral Health Education Kits
    • The SDHA has Oral Heath Education Kits for you to use in your communities!  We are looking for dental hygienists to volunteer in communities throughout Saskatchewan that would be able to assist us. We would provide you with a kit, then you would be in charge of lending it to others in your community. It can be loaned out to other dental hygienists, youth mentors, health care providers and teachers to       educate children and caregivers on positive oral health behaviors. The kit is easy for anyone to educate others about oral health and its link to your overall health and well-being. It includes a magnetic board,       magnets and a large toothbrush to help display these important messages.   If you are able to volunteer, please email Chris Gordon, Member Services Coordinator at


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